Grid Tie from GBOC Solar

Grid Tie Diagram
Grid tie is just what the name implies. The power generated by a solar array is “tied” to the electrical grid. A solar array and an inverter or micro inverters make up the major components of this system. During the day the power generated by the solar array is routed through the home panel and supplies the power required to run the appliances and lighting. At night the electrical grid takes over. This system is the least expensive of the choices offered but there is one large drawback. When the grid goes down you are left without any power. The reason for this is a safety issue. Inverters for grid tie are built to keep electricity from flowing through it to the grid in order to keep line-men and other workers from being accidentally electrocuted when working to restore power to the grid.

Questions to ask yourself before looking into this kind of system include: your budget, does my area suffer from frequent outages and if so for how long. Roof or ground mount will also be a variable.